Shore up Your Business’ Security with Northern Alarm’s Access Control

Access Control Solutions for Commercial Clients
Easy and manageable door access control systems enable commercial customers like you to monitor who goes where and when while locating weak spots (obvious or hidden) within buildings. NAP customizes access systems using Keyscan technology.

To prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to sensitive areas, the door access control system allows you to track and control the movement of staff and visitors. Northern Alarm Protection partners with you to design an access system, and we recommend layers of interior and exterior protection for long-term and short-term security plans.
Computer Adaptable Systems
NAP can custom design access control systems for large high-rise buildings with multiple doors or for smaller two-door units. Additions and/or deletions to the system can be done by computer for quick changes to authorized accessibility.

NAP can also give you the ability to manage your facilities’ access control systems from any PC or mobile device with an internet connection, including:

  • Add and edit card holders
  • Assign and update cardholder access privileges
  • Generate system reports
  • Lock, unlock and pulse controlled doors
  • Schedule visitors
  • Review system status
  • Change time zone schedules
  • Door maintenance and status
  • Live online transactions

To fully understand how access control systems can help you secure your building and assets, contact us for an appointment. We can enhance your access control system with alarm monitoring or CCTV as needed, and our professionals will help you determine which security solutions make the most sense.

Access Control Web Hosting

KeyScan Access Control
Please see Keyscan Hosted Services for Centrally Managed Access Control Web Hosting.