Community Involvement

For many years NAP has been involved in many arms of Charity – my father, Ted’s Rotary work, my mother, Maureen’s involvement with Victim Services York Region and my own involvement with the Mark Santi Foundation. It is our way of giving back, and I appreciate the value Ted and Maureen have instilled in our family as to the importance of giving back to our community.
nap community event 2016

NAP is proud to sponsor its annual Charitable/Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament at the prestigious Red Crest Golf Club. Each year, a recipient is chosen to receive the benefits of the proceeds from this event.

In 2014, partnering with the Richmond Hill Rotary Club, NAP raised the funds to provide Jean, a three-year old living with Type 1 diabetes with a service dog. The severity of her disease is such that if her hypoglycemia level becomes low, she can fall into a life threatening coma. Noah is trained to detect changes in Jean’s hypoglycemia levels and alert her mother and other care givers, who can then treat Jean. We are so pleased to be able to aid in the quality of life for both Jean and her mother.

In 2015, NAP had the pleasure of working with Million Dollar Smiles a non-profit organization that provides support for families with children facing adversity from life threatening illnesses. Not only did NAP and its generous supporters raise enough money to build a personal playground for Brooklyn, a 2-year old with cancer, we were also part of the build-team. On June 11, 2015, NAP’s employees and suppliers came together to make this happen.


In 2016, NAP was approached by the family of Maria, a 5-year-old special needs child who is losing her sight. The only treatment available was at the Jefe de Atencion Medica International Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology Ramon Pando Ferrer, under the care of Dr. Carlos Alberto Perea Ruizin Havana, Cuba. Again, through the generous support of NAP, Maria, her mother and father were able to fly to Cuba for this treatment.
100% of the proceeds go directly to what the recipient needs. We do not give money to the recipient; we directly pay for what is required to ensure every dollar goes to the specific purpose or pledge.

Each year, NAP takes applications from families and friends who know someone in need of that extraordinary treatment outside the norm of regular medical aid. If you know of someone who could benefit from this program, please send an email to

Thanks to all our participants for joining NAP in this endeavour